Recipes: Easy, Healthy, Organic (Baby Food)

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 I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best cook but I'm really trying to learn to love it... and to be better at it. The reality is that it just might take my entire lifetime :) and that's ok.

I've been making the effort to feed my family more organic foods and cleaner foods (which can definitely be hard sometimes for a family of 6 on a budget). Slowly I've been educating myself on GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms), pesticides in our fruits and veggies (The Dirty Dozen), preservatives and hormones in our milk (rBGH), foods and antibiotics in our meats and dys used to color our beverages. We'll never be able to eat 100% organic nor do I want to all the time, we like to eat out and of course we have plenty of guilty food pleasures that are not organic or homemade (as I type this the kids are begging for Halloween candy that we have been rationing very slowly :)

I feel good to make the extra effort to put healthier foods on our plates and in our mouths and give my children a healthy, positive start to good nutrition and try to educate them on the subject as they get older.  I think that over time our foods are becoming more and more processed and full of "fake stuff" with 0 nutrition.

Here's my work in progress: working on taking the staple foods that my family eats the most of and making them homemade and turning some of our favorite recipes into organic, healthier meals that are better for the whole family.

    A Great New York Times Tips Article: Five Easy Ways to Go Organic (even on a budget!)