Friday, July 13, 2018

Ohio Visit - Summer 2017

Last summer (still catching up on the blog.... always!) we took the gang to Ohio. I had my high school reunion in June so we took this as an opportunity to head home for 2 weeks and make rounds to visit our families. 

Our first stop was in St. Louis. We took the kids to the City Museum. Our friends had just been there and said it was a must visit place kinda place. It did not disappoint!! 

It's over 8 floors of fun and half of the museum is on the roof. 

You can climb on everything. 

I dressed all the boys in red. It makes it so much easier to keep track of them.

The kids loved the ferris wheel ride on the roof. Talk about a view!

Climbing through this had John and I a little scurred. It's a small wire tunnel hanging in the air. Crawling through some people had dropped keys and wallets.

The place was huge and on the first floor there were tunnels all through the ceiling. We lost all of the kids within 15 minutes of arriving. It was comical to see all the parents running around looking at the ceiling in a panic trying to keep track of their children from below. We were all in the same boat. 

Next, we headed to Columbus to visit Val, Seth and the kids for the night. 

It was great getting all the cousins together. It doesn't happen nearly enough. 
They're all so big! And Kaleb being the size of a man now-- it's crazy.

After C-Bus Presley road to John's parents with us. They had a little family reunion/cookout for us. It was so nice catching up with everyone.

Hillbilly pool in the drive.

Random wheel things from the garage. Entertained the kids for hours. Terri was getting her role on with Mason. 

When in Hartville the Hartville kitchen is a must. 

The kids were obsessed with taking rides on Papa Honey's 1980's moped.

We took the 5 kids to the flee market. Fun stuff!

Next, we headed to big Woo town. 

We met cousin Gene and my aunt Mikki at the park for lunch. Gene taught the kids how to catch crayfish.

Checking out the crayfish.

Rollin through town with Geno-nino.

Made it to aunt Amy and uncle Jeff's. 

 The boys with two of their girl cuz's. Presley and Vivian. Rollin 6 deep from ages 5 to 10. Crazy!

I was dying. Grandma was teaching the boys her "bed" exercises. They were diggin it.


I jumped at the chance to have a pic with both of my sweet lil nieces. I was totally still in my PJ's :)

We hit up Coccia House... but of course.

Making our rounds we visited my dads house.

I used to climb that tree when I was K's age. 

We headed across the street and met up with Rachel and Stacy and alllll of our kids. 

Enjoyed my high school reunion. 

My girls!

Met up with the crew afterwards. Hey cuz & hey bro. Twas a fun night!

Lu didn't get the memo lol.

I just love a good progression pic.

Circa 2017 vs. Circa 2003 (Florida days)


Until next time O-H-I-O

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