Sunday, June 24, 2018

Thanksgiving 2017

It was so nice to have mom come visit us for Thanksgiving! Family can make the holidays feel more special. We crammed a ton of things in when she was here. This was the first year that I put up my Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. When your mom is at your house helping out, you seize the moment and get all-your-things-done-- like taking 8 boxes of Christmas decorations down from the garage and putting them all up.

So, it was a Very--Merry--Thanksgiving!

We even baked Christmas cookies.

Not missing a beat on the creativity scale.

Nana didn't let up at her game at Scrabble, not even for the kids. They loved it.

I had been pinning short hair cut pics for a while and finally pulled the trigger. It's been so long since I've had it this short. It was fun for a change and now I'm growing it back out because well... my ponytails suck. I'm just now able to start putting most of it up. When you're used to having a "bun" life or wearing a pony 6 days a week, it's hard to get used to having to actually DO you hair-- and it always looks better when a stylist is doing it for you. 

The Wizard's Chest.

Thanksgiving dinner.

We took the kids to The Garden of the Gods.

Nana and the boys.

Organizing donated Christmas toys for Cub Scouts.

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Grace said...

Hi. Love your short hair (wait, this post was from last year, is it still short?) I agree, when loved ones visit during the holidays they tend to be more meaningful, especially if everyone gets along that is.
I'm also so behind on blogging. I'm barely editing pictures from last halloween, LOL! Better get too it or else I'll be a whole year behind.