Thursday, June 21, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017. In a couple years these boys are going to crush Santa's lap!

Awesome cookies for a cookie exchange I attended. My neighbor found this recipe on Instagram.

They turned out so pretty. They tasted just like a sugar cookie.

Waiting for a table at dinner. They were entertained by crossword puzzles. When we left the restaurant it had snowed 6 inches in about 2 hours. The roads were horrible. We had no idea there was any precipitation coming our way. We made it home safely.

When grandma visits she always brings some pictures along. She brought this one of Grandpa Dean-- such a handsome guy! If he were alive today I'd have so many questions to ask him. I wish he could have met all of the great grandkids that have joined the family. 

Kindergarten Christmas party games.

I have so many memories of spending time at both of my grandmas homes when I was a child. Really great memories!!

This is something I hope that my kids will always remember. Great grandma Julia coming to visit them, making pizzelle's, telling them random stories, teaching them to write in cursive, cutting out tiny articles from the newspaper, reading them books and sharing a cuddles and a blanket with them on the couch 💜

Teaching Mason how to set the table.

Christmas Eve dinner.

I seriously almost feel bad about this. They are all still believers.

Christmas morning watching the boys open gifts. This was the best gift they received. Time with their great grandma! They adore her.

In our Christmas jammies.

John's Christmas work party. Mad Men themed and so-much-fun!! Dressing up and theming out is my favorite!

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