Tuesday, June 5, 2018

14er Mount Sherman

Back in early September I thought it would be a good time for John and the boys to complete their first 14er. John had wanted to hike one for such a long time. However, he really wasn't sure the boys were ready but I knew they could do it! Mason was just 5 years old but given the fact that he might possibly have more energy than our entire family put together, I had no doubts. He is seriously like the energizer bunny. 

I also think since John kept saying he wasn't sure they could make it, that right there gave them the extra drive to prove dad wrong. The urge to prove your parents wrong starts at an early age.

We stayed at the closest town near Mount Sherman which was Fairplay, CO aka South Park. The tiniest, small town, out in the boonies kind of place. There was one hotel to chose from. That made our decision of where to stay super easy.

We got pumped with protein the night before the big hike.

Mason had Cubby Bear for the weekend. A kindergarten assignment where he takes this bear out and about for the weekend and documents it. To say we raised the bar for all of cubby's following adventures might be an understatement. Mason was so excited to take him over 14k feet high.

They had no clue what this was about... But we remember WAY back when.
"Huh huh Kenny"... "Screw you guys.. I'm going home!"

Super early in the morning and heading to the bottom of Sherman.

Just getting the party started!

It looked like SO far to go still. 


My boys. So proud of each of them!

The only way I could feel safe with Mason was to tie a rope around his waste... just in case.

They had so much fun and were so thrilled they completed their mission.


A tiny ladybug all the way at the top. Crazy.

The kids got so many high fives and hikers that gave them props for completing their first 14er. It was so cute to see.

Our Go Pro man.

Discovering nature.

I don't think John will ever underestimate the ability of the boys again. I mean, just because when we walk home from school sometimes (maybe, half of a mile) they complain about being tired or whine when they walk around the block lol. Those are such lame trips, unlike an amazing hike like this one. The scenery and mission can be such a game changer.

Such a fun & memorable adventure with the whole family. I can't wait until we do another one this summer!!! 

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