Thursday, May 31, 2018


The 3 older boys took a Cotillion class. Kellen's was an intro class and he'll go again next fall for a longer session. Adrian and Preston went as well and their class was a bit more in depth. It was around 4 sessions long and they had a cute little formal party at the end of the course. 

The boys now know how to ask a girl to dance. They learned 4 different types of dances. They learned what to do if you have a fly in your soup at a restaurant. They learned how to attend a formal dinner and how to act appropriately and so much more. We just loved having them take this class. They will continue it for a few more years. Hopefully their manners never wear off!!

Adrian took a date to the final dance. He took our neighbor and BFF Vanessa. I went as Preston's date. John got to be the camera man and observer. 

Lots of tall girls in this class.

Love them both!

My handsome young men!

Vanessa's dog Mango. We babysit sometimes. He's such a sweet guy. Kellen just loves him! We will be getting a dog in the next few years. 

And P got his braces off a couple months ago. 1 year with a spacer and 1 year with braces. They start them so young now. And he'll probably get a second round in jr. high or high school... I didn't realize that until after the first round, wah!! 

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