Monday, January 8, 2018

Halloween 2017

Halloween is one of our favorites! An entire day dedicated to being what ever you want to be. Dressing up, going incognito, being a kid again :) love!

Painting pumpkins has been our thing the last couple years. Less mess... yeah!

Cheapest outfit by far! Bob Ross. $3.00 boys dress shirt from the thrift store and a free cardboard cutout from home. A random wig I found in our dress up box. I remember watching Bob as a child. I loved Bob. He was the most relaxing person to watch on TV.  And his skillz were A-mazing!

All the boys were scary this year. Strange. Kellen was scream. I'm sure he wasn't even born when that movie came out. Nor was Adrian when Halloween's Jason came out. They've never seen either movie either.

The hood gang.

I did ask Kylo Ren aka Mason to be a tree. He was not having that.. at all.

We had a large group of youngsters in tow.

Bonus footage of dad and crew rolling to the park in October. Preston is living on the edge riding in the middle of the road. Risky. 

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