Monday, January 8, 2018

Halloween 2017

Halloween is one of our favorites! An entire day dedicated to being what ever you want to be. Dressing up, going incognito, being a kid again :) love!

Painting pumpkins has been our thing the last couple years. Less mess... yeah!

Cheapest outfit by far! Bob Ross. $3.00 boys dress shirt from the thrift store and a free cardboard cutout from home. A random wig I found in our dress up box. I remember watching Bob as a child. I loved Bob. He was the most relaxing person to watch on TV.  And his skillz were A-mazing!

All the boys were scary this year. Strange. Kellen was scream. I'm sure he wasn't even born when that movie came out. Nor was Adrian when Halloween's Jason came out. They've never seen either movie either.

The hood gang.

I did ask Kylo Ren aka Mason to be a tree. He was not having that.. at all.

We had a large group of youngsters in tow.

Bonus footage of dad and crew rolling to the park in October. Preston is living on the edge riding in the middle of the road. Risky. 

Flag Football with Mason and Friends

I think this child has found his sport! His first year of flag football as a 5 year old was a complete  success. He loves this sport from the bottom of his tiny heart. He's very passionate about it and puts his all into it. Kellen has also showed a huge interest and will start flag football as well in the fall. Both of them currently are pretty darn obsessed.

They have a group of about 5 or 6 kiddos in the hood that are always out in the cul-de-sac tossing the ball around with one another. It's really cute to see.

Team Orange Crush

Seriously into it!

Mason and Kellen watched almost all of the Browns games this year with John. I get so surprised by how much they know about football for their young age. Poor little Browns fans. They root for the Broncos too sometimes.

He was the only brunette on the team.

John's in heaven living vicariously through Mason. You know it!

Look at those kids. Five year olds blow my mind these days. He's fast and furious. He needs to learn to control his speed. He's a little bit all over the place. Sort of like soccer was.

He had the best fan club this year! Legit cheerleaders. Our little neighbor girls who are like family to us just loved to come to almost all of his games with us this summer. So, so sweet! Especially when his brothers preferred to play at the park most of the time.. lol. 

Post game shenanigans. Love-them-all.


Bonus pic of Kellen. He still wants a dog. All the boys want a dog. I'm not ready to pull the trigger on that just yet. John will never be. One day I just might have to come home with one ;) I think we will eventually get one. Until then we can enjoy babysitting our neighbors sweet pooch. Mango, the largest chocolate lab ever (like he's a horse!) and the sweetest, chill of a dog. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jellystone Park - It's a Yurt!

In August right after school started we spent the weekend with our neighbors at Jellystone Park in Larkspur. It was so nice to unplug without any commitments to tend to. Sit by the fire, drink, laugh, hang out and watch the kids play around. It was a really fun and relaxing trip! 

We opted for a Yurt and Shelley's fam got a little cabin near us. I had no clue what a yurt was. It turned out to be perfect for our big family. A giant round dorm room.

Later that night we came back to relax on the giant pillow and watch a meteor shower. Along with the entire campground.

Golf carts were the way to go!! 

Good old fashion fun. Smore's.

Our make shift kitchen. John pulled out the griddle, whipped up scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. Good stuff!

One afternoon it rained and hailed for an hour. After that our friends had an amazing lake front view next to their cabin! We totally should have gotten our swim stuff on and beach towels out for an amazing vacation picture around the brown lake lol. Paradise! 

The men relaxing waterside. Taking in that amazing lake view.

Hayride with Mr. Soapy. The kids learned about the history of Jellystone and then got to nail this guy with water balloons at the end. Our friend Matt tossed a cooler of water since we ran out of balloons. The lid accidentally broke off and he almost knocked Soapy out with the entire cooler. It was quite a hilarious mistake, we'll never forget it. Soapy wasn't hurt, thank goodness.

It wasn't a total roughing it, tent camping kind of trip. This is was more up my alley of "camping".

They even had karaoke. John gave an epic performance of Journey. He was so into it (the pic tells it all) But ooops.... it was in the wrong key... We'll never forget that either! I'm never aloud to share the video.  

Playing a washer toss game. Matt came straight to the campground from his lawyer job. Forgetting to pack something, he had the fanciest shoes in the park. Dress shoes for the win. All-weekend-long. Haha!

Not really connected to the camping trip. The day after I had to wash 6 sleeping bags and a ton of wet/dirty clothes. I went to a laundry mat about 10 miles away (closest I could find) as I looked out the window I had to do a double take. Not a common occurrence around our parts. Funny stuff! Her husband came shortly behind her on an equally tiny ATV.