Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Eclipse 2017 Wyoming or Bust

John had a plan a long time ago. I didn't realize the significance of the event, therefore I forgot about the eclipse until about a week before it was scheduled to happen. That's when people were searching the black market for eclipse glasses that were running up to $100 a pop. Crazy! We made a two day trip out of this and headed north to WI to view this very rare occurrence at totality.  

Four months prior, the closest hotel we could get was in Ft. Collins in northern Colorado. That still put us just about 3 hour away from totality. Which was much better than a 7-8 hour drive at 1 or 2 in the morning.

Our hotel won big points with the in-out pool. Swimming under the wall was a super fun.

We got to Fort Laramie at around 8am and made ourselves comfy. 

We sat right next to the best source of entertainment for the boys. This giant octopus tree. All the kids around loved climbing this tree for hours.

Lots to see... Forts, an old school house, a saloon, a jail and more.

Mason found this albino preying mantis.

We couldn't believe how dark it got. It was SO bizzare for about 2-3 minutes.

These guys pulled out the big boys. 

We met John's co-worker Johnathan and his wife there. He researched and found this awesome place to watch the event from for the day. It was just perfect. We got to tour the area, the kids had a history lesson and it gave us something to do while we waited. 

Jonathan's wife Ely took some awesome pics!

I'm so glad John's an astrological nerd and wanted to go see this. I was so appreciative after I realized what this was all about and the kids loved it while making such a great memory!!