Saturday, November 25, 2017

Giving Back

A couple weeks ago we participated in a great volunteer program called Feed My Starving Children at a church in Parker. It's hard to find good volunteer programs that kids are able to participate in. Our friends found this one and recommended it. 

Kellen was a bag counter and box packer.

Adrian was in charge of bagging the food.

John was in charge of sealing the bags and Mason was checking the weight of the bags.

I have to say we had so much fun! We've volunteered in the past at some of our local churches and  food banks. I'm fortunate to have these opportunities to teach our kids how to give back.

Preston was in charge of weight checking. 

 This volunteer opportunity was different though. We had assembly lines and they played loud-fun music and we all loosened up and had a really good time working together at our stations. It was more like an event. The kids didn't complain and I can't believe they lasted 2 hours. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here come our Florida Crews! Second-- The Johnston's

Last summer we had the pleasure of our great friends the Johnston's visit us in CO. 

Boulder bound.

Not the smartest thing to let them do... but it was fun for them for about 2 minutes.

These two.... 8 years ago

The largest dandelions I've ever seen.

Friends for almost 15 years. 

Here come our Florida Crews! First -- The Blosser's

The Blosser's come to town.

7 boys in all-- wow!

Patiently waiting for the fireworks to start.

Strategizing! I can only imagine this was a childhood dream for Tre and
John to have their own football teams as adults. 

The babies.

Nerf wars rocked. Gotta love pelting a bunch of kids with darts  ;)

Boulder River. Dangerous photo opt. This pic is a wet kid just waiting to happen.

Cheers! Who needs more sugar?!? Oh we do!

Such good memories!