Saturday, September 30, 2017

Preston turned 9

Back in March :) P-Dog, P-Dizzle fo shizzle turned NINE! His birthday week he had a trip to the urgent care after a cub scouts meeting. They were learning how to use a pocket knife and practiced widdling soap. He almost cut his little finger off-- Oops. They saved his finger and he healed up well!

Then he got his lower braces put on the day before. Poor guy, we should have been taking him to Disney for his birthday to make up for his awesome week of activities at the urgent care and the ortho.

Instead we went to IHOP and went bowling. Thank goodness our kids are easy to please on their birthday!! ;) 

Mason even made him a cake!

I can't believe he's nine, about to turn ten in just five short months. How time flies when your busy living life. He's still our sweet P. Still rather shy and wouldn't hurt a fly. His smile full of braces now a days... still lights up a room! He's chill and always go with the flow and I hope it stays that way. Love you P!!