Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

We were excited to have my dad come hang with us over Thanksgiving. We spent the day preparing a great big feast. 

We walked off some turkey later on that day. The weather was amazing.

This is how the boys feel when they have to tag along to run errands.

Adrian's snowman in November. Colorado weather... t-shirt, shorts & snow :)

Dad's favorite thing to play with the kids is nerf guns!

Probably my most favorite action shot of Pa getting waaaay into the game. lol. 

So we decided to take him to Dart Wars. Fun!! We'll be going back on his next visit. 

We love this place. It's full of kids, teens, and parents. They split the players up into two teams and have a DJ up top that can help see when people get out. Sometimes they play games like capture the flag. They also have refs that help keep track of who gets hit. It was so much family fun for all of us.

Hiding out in a bunker.

John and my dad jamming out. 

Random-- A clip of Mason having a conversation after Halloween.

Random-- Kellen's boyscouts group got to watch and play with a local Sled Hockey team. This sport is played by people with physical disabilities or lower body impairments. These players were amazing and so, so strong. I can't imagine the upper body strength it takes to maneuver the sleds and go all the way from one side to the other. 


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