Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kellen turned 7

How could I forget Kellen's 7th b-day post? I'm pretty sure I just have gotten too busy for this little family blog of mine. But the show must go on-- I have to keep posting here, this is the best memory keepsake I have kept up... well, almost kept up with :) 

I need to get this out before the next one comes along soon. Here is Kellen last year when he turned 7!! 

Oh that personality is so much larger than the little body that carries it. I think I've been aware of this since he was about 2. All is possible in his mind and he doesn't doubt himself about anything. And I can't believe I'll be adding a post soon about this sweet child turning 8 in a week. Wahh!

We give each child one "BIG" party usually before 3rd grade. They get to invite their whole class. Usually these are pretty expensive, hence we only do one big one per child. I see the money spent on these being a bigger benefit in their savings and college funds. More boring than a bash but necessary :) Adulting and being responsible is fun... err um yah.

All other years they either invite a couple friends to do something special, or sometimes they just want to have a family day based around whatever they wish to do (awe sniffle, sniffle). By the time they get older the smaller special days are totally acceptable. They don't even ask for another big party. 

On this "BIG" birthday it's so much fun for our kids to open up so many gifts and pick something fun that they think their whole class will enjoy. 

Kellen picked a place called Xtreme Challenge. Sort of like a Ninja Warrior course for kids. 

I'm pretty sure all the kids had a blast.  It looked like so much fun.

At least 10 of his classmates were on vacation. That happens in the summer months. There was just one girl. She was a trooper and could totally hang with all these dudes. 

Stay little for a little bit longer, please.

Kellen had another little party on his actual "birth" day. We had the Blosser Family staying with us. It was like a built in par-tay! 7 boys to play, hang and celebrate. 

Bonus pictures.

Last summer Adrian went to an acting camp for a week. He played the part of an orange munchkin and a talking tree. He loved it but declined doing it this summer.

Preston chose an invention camp last summer. He made goo, solar energized bugs, thingymabobbers, and so much more.  I could totally see this child inventing something amazing someday. 

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