Sunday, June 4, 2017

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas in June! 

I'm determined to catch up the blog before our Ohio trip this summer. Here's a glimpse at our Christmas this past year. We spent it at home with the kids doing traditional Christmas stuff.

Same place 5 years in a row. Santa and his chair changed a bit. I love progression pics.



Our handsome 4some! They looked pretty sharp all cleaned up and not wearing their usually basketball shorts and t-shirts. I love that they are all smiling too. I'm sure I bribed that to happen ;)

P's getting smooshed.

Santa told an amazing story while we waiting in line.

We put a camera on the steps every year so we can catch Santa and his butt delivering presents.

Christmas gifts in the mail are always a big treat.

Adrian made a B-day card for John in December. So cute! 

I got the pleasure of volunteering to put together the Christmas party for Kellen's class and Preston's class. It was one right after the other so it was pretty convenient. I'll miss this someday.

Kellen and friends.

Popped in to Adrian's Christmas party to say Hi.

Thank goodness I could recruit John to help out. He was the best hot coco server! 

Playing with uncle Jeff's old train set.

Had to document the cleaning that goes on.... And not just by me. They do their share. Now it's not always easy to get to this point but it's well worth it to have some helpers. 

Annual Gingerbread Houses.

Annual snowmen making.

We had to work super fast. It had snowed a good 10 inches the night before. But just like CO weather, it was almost 50 or 60 by noon the next day. The snow was melting super fast. After they built their men, then played with the neighbors in the river running down the road.

Annual White Elephant party. Most of our hood. 

Mason and I braved the 0 degree weather to run across the street to Starbucks in the winter storm and get mama a coffee the morning after the White Elephant party... it-was-a-must! 

We shared in a holiday Progressive Dinner party with some friends (in our Christmas Jammies :) for the first time. It was so much fun and different. 

Cramming in a van to go to the next stop.

Testing the camera.

I take a progression picture of the boys once a year for our memories. This was an outtake lol. 


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