Saturday, April 8, 2017

Halloween 2016

Halloween time!

IMG_4475 from Christa on Vimeo.

Carving and painting pumpkins.

Gangsta, Boxer, Skeleton and Astronaut 

School Halloween party planning supplies. I had some personal things going on in late October and at the last minute couldn't be home to put on Preston's class party. John stepped up to the plate and organized everything. He went to all the stores, bought all the stuff and organized it ALL! He was A-mazing! He got all the kids ready for school, gathered all of their costumes and went to school the next morning and was able to recruit some mom volunteers to help run the games and food stations. He really pulled it off. I was so proud of him and grateful! 

School parties.

Threw in some October B-ball action from Kellen. I call him the Try-er-Out-er. He likes to try everything once or twice when it comes to sports. It's not so much about winning or competing for him quite yet as it is the social interaction of the games. If it's not socially stimulating for him or he 's not making lots of friends, it's probably not a sport he'll like-- at least this season ;)

Coach daddy.

Bedtime with 4 kids can take a long time. Especially with reading and homework most nights. I delegate some tasks to the bros. Preston has become such a great story reader to Mason. 

A rare date night going to see comedian/journalist/anchor guy, Lee Camp. Hilarious, outspoken guy with a thousand good points!

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