Monday, April 3, 2017

Devils Head Lookout

Right after fall started we took the kids to Pike National Forest which is just an hour away. Our CO, UTAH, OUT WEST bucket list is long! So many places we want to take the kids. And we're realizing so many of them are just around the corner from us. Fun stuff and so many adventures to be had.

Taking the minivan up to the top of the start of the trail was a little scary. A tiny winding road. We almost turned back, but I'm so glad we didn't. 

Just a couple little dudes taking a break and chatting.

A tornado ripped through the area about a year ago. It did some major damage to a couple spots in the forest.

IMG_9482 from Christa on Vimeo.

Love these views!

Mason took his first big hike in Estes Park when he was 3. Little dude made to the top of Bible Point, easily over an hour hike up some tough terrain. We only carried him a couple times. The youngest of 4 boys, his determination to keep up is strong and even stronger than his older bros at times.

My boys <3 p="">

Our snack break spot wasn't too shabby. 

Climb. That's what boys do. John usually freaks while their running and climbing and I'm the one that tells them to explore and be boys. We balance each other out :)

A perfect day for our hike.

We finally reached the lookout cabin.

Here is the house that the fire lookout staff would stay in while in between shifts (we think)?

I freaked.

I can stand on top of a 14,000 ft. mountain but this stairway to the top made me short of breath. 

Navigating this giant boulder on top of a mountain.

Sweet Adrian.

Breathtaking. These beautiful places. 

I want to give our kids as many experiences in beautiful places as we possibly can. One day (and it's coming up way-too-fast... wah!) they will be doing their own things, in different places, with different people and having new experiences. I want them to look back, smile and remember these times and these experiences that we all shared together. 

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Mikki Green said...

Always enjoy the pics of your family. The boyz are growing way too fast, but they are as sweet as could be. Fine job Christa and John on a great family to be proud of. Love you ....all.....xoxox