Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flat Irons With My Girls

When Rachel and Stacy decided they wanted to come to CO and conquer a 14er together, I was SO excited!! 

They booked their trip and we were in the planning phase. Which one, how far, when to go and tracking the weather situation. Our excitement for this trip was taken down a notch when I started talking to my neighbors and researching a bit more online. We began to worry about the elevation change for Stacy and Rachel and if they'd even be able to make it up a Colorado mountain at all? Hearing stories (lots of stories!) of people coming here from the east coast and acclimating for a week, then trying this giant hike only for their fingers to turn purple and almost passing out because of the lack of oxygen just half way up. 

They said screw it. We were trying this regardless! We were determined to make this a reality! Rachel almost bought one of these masks-- they're supposed to help you get used to the altitude change before hand. Your suppose to train with it on. She didn't. We just rolled the dice instead.

The girls had 20 hours to acclimate. Ha! The day they got in we decided to hike the Flat Irons in Boulder. A big 7er (elevation 7,132 ft) Just half of the elevation we'd be trying the following day (14,000 ft). We thought it'd be better than nothing. 

Boulder bound. 

There's the Flat Irons peak.

Some steep parts and lots of rocks.

They crushed it. The girls did amazing! 

They were totally ready for another full day of hiking the next morning ;) 

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