Sunday, February 5, 2017

Summer Vail Trip

What do you do shortly after school starts? You let your kids play hooky :) We weren't ready to get back to reality so fast. The kids summer break is just 9 short weeks. We decided to take them to Vail for a long weekend the second week after school started. I love that place in the summer! It wasn't very crowded at all. It was a perfect time to go.

Monkeying around.

John and I can get competitive with one another sometimes. Keeps us spry.

Working on our fitness.

I told the kids they could bring one small backpack with toys. They brought their Angry Bird plushy's.

Gondola Ride to the top!

This time we did not run into a storm, hail and lightening. Thank goodness. 

He cracks me up! He said "take a picture of me doing this, mom" lol

Poor John, of course got stung on his back by a bee on our hike. We had to chill at the top so he could recover. We had a nice lunch and a beer. It was a perfect weather day.



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