Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mt. Falcon

We hiked Mt. Falcon this summer. It's just a short drive from Red Rocks. We ended up taking the "long" route which we didn't know until after. The boys did great. Preston and Mason stopped and waited with dad a little ways from the top. 

Adrian, Kellen and I went a little further, then we turned back. We all made it pretty far. I love that the boys enjoy hiking and exploring as much as we do. That's one of the reasons we live where we live in Colorado.

So much to look at and take in. 

Break time. 

John getting the boys to run. He's so good at making things fun for them! 


We ventured on a mini hike just down the street from us. It's crazy because you go from about 100k ppl in the burbs of our hood, houses packed in like sardines-- then you can drive 2 or 3 miles and bam. It's like you're somewhere else completely. You can see barren lands, mountains and so much space. 


We hit up the incline in Castle Rock a couple times this summer. These stairs are killer. I was surprised when a couple kids wanted to go up them multiple times. Little troopers.

Little Mason hitched a ride on dad. 

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Grace said...

that last hike looks like a lot of fun.