Monday, October 17, 2016

Grant Farms

We split an organic farm share with our neighbors from Grant Farms. It's been going on about 20 weeks or so. The farm is about 90 minutes north of us. They make weekly deliveries to our neck of the woods. Grant Farms was one of the first organic farm in CO. Between this and our gardens we've had an abundance of veggies. Like a TON! Thank goodness we can juice it! 

They offer free farm tours. Each year they have a handful of interns that help run the farm and research and learn the ways of organic living and farming. Our tour guide was the sweetest! She was a Microbiologist from Wharton in Pennsylvania. 

After graduating she said she wasn't happy doing the jobs that were offered to her with her degree. She took a chance and made the choice to intern on this farm and try something new. It was sweet to hear the story of someone following their dreams (or still searching & trying new things) even though it wasn't the most glamorous job and it wasn't the job that was paying her the most money, she was just a happy person and it showed. She was very inspiring to be pursuing what she loved. 

Some days we dream of having a bigger space and living by a creek with lots of trees. Having a mini farm and four wheelers and land for the kids to run around on, complete with chickens, goats a cat and a dog or two ;) We're dreamers.... and someday I think it might happen.

Pre-planted field.

They had over 500 chickens.

Hanging with our tour guide.

Kellen made a best friend.

This little goat cried and cried when we left. He reminded me of the pygmy goat that I had as a child. Bucky!

A barn cat. 

Tiny gardens around the house. 

Here's the bull snake down at the garden we rent near our house. I loathe snakes.

Another bitty snake.

Working on the garden at the beginning of the season. 

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