Sunday, June 12, 2016


While I still have so many pics to go through of grandma Julia and Viv's visit to CO last month. I found this folder marked "blog-random-catch up" that I guess I never posted on here. So here it is... random pics from the last 4 maybe 5 months. I think I need an 8th day in the week so I can catch up on my "to do" list! :)

A fun dinner/game night with friends. 

The kids played their own game. Pie-in-yo-face!

This child will never be left behind. He's a tough lil guy.

Scrabble with dad.

Kellen during Winter in door soccer.

Snow day.

Love that squinty smile! His picture at the dentist from last year. No cavities. 

Their pic too. No cavities.

For having 3 siblings, he still plays so good by himself.

Dart Warz. Nerf guns and a bunch of boys = FUN


Play-Dough masterpieces. 

A play-dough burger.

A house.

A nice day in the hood.

Trevor came to visit. We loved having him here. John and Trev met when they were in 3rd grade. Best friends for life. It was so sweet seeing him play with the boys. He's got 3 of his own, so it was second nature to him :) 

Some nights they want to sleep together <3 p="">

School project. Parachute, egg, launch. 

All the eggs broke. 

Growing my own sprouts fir salads.

Birthday party fun. 

1st grade field trip to the Denver Museum of Art. 

My sweet group.

1st grade neighborhood buddies.

They tried to catch a leprechaun in March.

That sneaky leprechaun got them back. 


Preston was getting a spacer put in. Preparing for big teeth and braces soon. 

Puzzles. I love seeing them work together. 

What I made for our Easter dinner. Not very traditional but so good! Pan seared scallops over a shallot-mash potato puree. So rich, but delish!


andrea chiu said...

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Sarah said...

Looks like they've had a lot of fun over those months! Well, except for the dentist thing :)

I wish I would've thought of having my kids try to catch a leprechaun. I'll have to remember that one for next year!