Saturday, May 21, 2016

Preston, P-Dizzle, P-Dog Turns 8!!!

Lot's of catching up to do! Blog post overload coming up.

Preston turned 8 years old last month (2 months ago actually)! He invited a couple friends to hang and get crazy at Jumpstreet. We had loads of fun and wore those kids out in a matter of 2 hours. Whew.

our shy, reserved, sweet little boy. He is an easy child, content, creative, honest and a caring soul. I love his spirit for creativity and learning. He loves his siblings. The other day he said told me he tries not to brag about having 3 brothers. He doesn't want other kiddos to feel bad if they don't have siblings or don't have 3 sibs like his ;) I was shocked and proud of this comment. He's a very empathetic little guy.

We painted the rock at school for his birthday. Next time we will roll the rock instead of spray. It only took us 45 minutes, not really but close.

Here's Preston learning to sew. He participated in DI (Destination Imagination) this year and his team had a competition that they had to complete all by themselves, including making their own costumes without any help from parents. This was hard for me. I can be a take-over-kind of parent. I am working on that! 

He did a great job sewing.

His DI team! Proud of these little hippies, they did a great job!

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