Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Geocashing Aventure

The kids call it Geo"Catching" :) We've got some friends that do this and I thought it'd be a perfect adventure for the us to all do together as a fam. So we downloaded an app on our phone and let the treasure hunt begin. They're are hunts in every part of the world I believe, so we can do this on vacation if we want. 

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt appropriate for people of all ages. 

This one was a bust. We found nada. But that view though!!! <3 p="">

Pictures of all of them together make me smile so big!

We had one success. It's a treasure filled with junk and plastic gadgets. The kids thought it was awesome. We've made our own to hide next and we can put in on the Geo site for others to hunt. 

You take an item and replace it with something else (like more junk ;) 

So much fun hunting together and we got fresh air and exercise. Bonus! 

This one was a little harder. We actually had to figure out how to get around a creek and through some brush. We accepted the challenge and prevailed. 

New aviators. I think we have one pair left now. Broke or lost, it's typical. 

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