Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Geocashing Aventure

The kids call it Geo"Catching" :) We've got some friends that do this and I thought it'd be a perfect adventure for the us to all do together as a fam. So we downloaded an app on our phone and let the treasure hunt begin. They're are hunts in every part of the world I believe, so we can do this on vacation if we want. 

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt appropriate for people of all ages. 

This one was a bust. We found nada. But that view though!!! <3 p="">

Pictures of all of them together make me smile so big!

We had one success. It's a treasure filled with junk and plastic gadgets. The kids thought it was awesome. We've made our own to hide next and we can put in on the Geo site for others to hunt. 

You take an item and replace it with something else (like more junk ;) 

So much fun hunting together and we got fresh air and exercise. Bonus! 

This one was a little harder. We actually had to figure out how to get around a creek and through some brush. We accepted the challenge and prevailed. 

New aviators. I think we have one pair left now. Broke or lost, it's typical. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

10 Years!!!!!

It was our 10 year anniversary in March. We always thought by this point in our world, we'd renew our vows on a tropical beach somewhere with some family and the kids. Not so much (maybe year 20?) but we were lucky enough to be able to sneak out for 28 hours of adult time. We'll gladly take it! We headed to the mountains and stayed at a Blackhawk casino hotel. We ate good, had cocktails, gambled, won then hit up the slopes for some snowboarding fun the next day. We really crammed a lot into those 28 hours!

I feel absolutely, unbelievably lucky to have John as my husband and father of our children! We've gone through a lot of changes in the 12 years that we've been together-- 10 years of marriage, 7 household moves, 4 kids, 3 states and 2 star-up companies later... we can take on more than I thought and survive it ;) and it's been a fun ride to boot. He is my rock and our everything!!! 

John loves it when I ask him to pose for a pic ;) love that smile John... ha!

The perfect gambling break.

He randomly threw in $10 and won $300 in 2 minutes. He replenished what I lost that night. Thank goodness. See we really balance each other out! The ying to my yang!! 

It was a perfect powder day. 

I love that we can do this together. And John loves it even more! He's always wanted me to get into snowboarding. Good thing I sucked as skiing, almost as much as snowboarding. So I chose boarding for him. After some lessons from John over the last couple years and a lesson from a real instructor, I'm getting much better. #goals

We rescheduled our anniversary weekend 3x for a number of reasons. This was one of them. 3rd winter in CO happened in the middle of March. 2 feet of snow. I took the boys to the pool this day-- before it was snowing hard core (pool is just 1/2 mile from our house) and I got stuck in John's car on the way home. It was crazy. I ended up having John come to the end of our road and take the boys home via sled ride. We left his car at the end of our road for a day until we could dig it out. Crazy.

The sun came out the day after and the snow was gone within 48 hours. Crazy Colorado weather.

Preston, P-Dizzle, P-Dog Turns 8!!!

Lot's of catching up to do! Blog post overload coming up.

Preston turned 8 years old last month (2 months ago actually)! He invited a couple friends to hang and get crazy at Jumpstreet. We had loads of fun and wore those kids out in a matter of 2 hours. Whew.

our shy, reserved, sweet little boy. He is an easy child, content, creative, honest and a caring soul. I love his spirit for creativity and learning. He loves his siblings. The other day he said told me he tries not to brag about having 3 brothers. He doesn't want other kiddos to feel bad if they don't have siblings or don't have 3 sibs like his ;) I was shocked and proud of this comment. He's a very empathetic little guy.

We painted the rock at school for his birthday. Next time we will roll the rock instead of spray. It only took us 45 minutes, not really but close.

Here's Preston learning to sew. He participated in DI (Destination Imagination) this year and his team had a competition that they had to complete all by themselves, including making their own costumes without any help from parents. This was hard for me. I can be a take-over-kind of parent. I am working on that! 

He did a great job sewing.

His DI team! Proud of these little hippies, they did a great job!