Sunday, February 21, 2016

Snowboarding Adventures (Videos)

We've been lucky enough to squeeze in 2 trips to the mountains so far. John's dream come true. This is one of the reasons he wanted to move to Colorado. We went up for a night with our neighbors and Adrian's BF Vanessa. Adrian and I squeezed in a lesson - which I needed. We were appreciative to have my mom watch the younger boys for the night/day so we could go play in the snow.

John's high top view. I'm still on the smaller hills yet :)

Adrian and his instructor. I randomly found him on a hill. This was after another little boy snowboarded right into me. We both fell and ended up like a pretzel. I was stuck on my stomach and his poor head was stuck under my snowboard (he couldn't get out) which meant his head was pretty much laying on my butt. Poor kid! After someone came to untangle us we were both totally fine :) and we all laughed really hard!

RIP chapstick. Never to be recovered. I looked hard on the way down, but nada. 

My instructor and another student. It was like a semi-private lesson half way through the day since a couple others dipped out early. The sun turned to thick, wet snowfall.

A storm rolled in.

Adrian and Vanessa. BFF's

Cute little troopers!

Our neighbor Chris is hilarious! Can't you tell :)

The kids had a blast drinking hot chocolate and watching/dancing to karaoke. 


Here are some of the videos below that we captured on some of these trips. We're slowly getting the hang of it :) It's been a lot of fun! John's pretty pumped that we haven't given up yet. 

Adrian Snowboarding from Christa on Vimeo.

Adrian Snowboarding 2 from Christa on Vimeo.

and he wipes out at the end.... I even put 6 pairs of underwear and some extra bball shorts on him. Unfortunately, it didn't matter.

One day a couple weeks ago Adrian and I played hooky and went up during the week when we knew it'd be slow. We stayed on a beginner hill for the day and had so much fun bonding and practicing. I love being able to share this with him and John too!

Eventually there will be four kids going up, most likely. That will cost us an arm and a leg! Kellen took a ski lesson this year and is pumped to take a snowboarding one next year. Preston isn't too sure yet and Mason just wants to do EVERYTHING! :) 

Random. A van full of zombies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mason has a Birthday - FOUR - Cuatro - 4!!!

Our "baby" turned 4 on New Year's Day! I think I'll always call him our baby. A Bittersweet day, birthdays are just that. The kids grow another year older. I'm happy because they are so happy, but inside I'm a little sad and wonder how this is happening so flipping fast!?!?! 

They're growing up and finally after 7 or so years (since Mason didn't sleep through the night until age 2 or later :-/ I'm finally getting the recommended hours of sleep per night (yeah!!) which has definitely been nice! I can go to early morning boot camps and the kids don't wake dad up. There's more flexibility in our house. We can go out and do more with the kids now that they're older. There are adventures and camping and beautiful sites we have on our "travel" list to venture to this summer. It's nice to reach this phase of the journey we call parenting. But... birthdays are still bitter-sweet. I want them to be older and I want them to be babies again, sometimes all in the same day.

Mason picked out his cake, or cakes... He wanted the variety selection of mini cakes, his choice. 

He may have been spitting a bit.

Doctor Mason

Such a gentle touch.

We celebrated by taking all the boys to the Skating rink. Mason was so excited! Oh what a trip it was. John and I hadn't put regular roller skates on in probably 15 years, at least. We weren't too shabby at it. The boys took turns using these elderly walkers (what a great idea these things were!) I told the boys maybe we'd take skating lessons this summer. Sounds fun!!


Such a ham!

He started pre-school in 2016!! Big moment! He love, loves it and is thriving. 

Game night with friends.

The kids turn eating dinner at game night. 9 boys and 2 girls. Those girls can hang!

At game night the kids played their own game of Pie-In-Yo-FACE! They all had a blast and laughed so hard!

Snow day.


More games. One of Mason's favorites. 

Preston's such a great teacher. He made Mason a step by step outline of how to make the letter "M". We're working on getting Mason to hold his pencil the correct way. 

He was obsessed with this game for about a week.

What a hot mess!! NYE appetizers or dessert ;) I hadn't made jell-o shots since we lived in Florida. So it'd been about a decade. It took me a while but I managed to whip up 100 of them for the party we went to. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to get very creative with them! #margaritashots #lemondrops #jollyrancher #sunkiss

Post jello shots NYE.

Bring on 2016!