Sunday, November 1, 2015


Cleaning out and organizing thousands of photos. I love looking and remembering all the fun stuff that's happened lately.

Preston's first field trip this year and first horse ride.

Summer fun.

We spent a lot of time at this park this past summer. 

On our way into the mountains we stopped at the cutest little cafe for breakfast and they had a mini playground in front of it.

Too cool for school.

Teaching some crochet.

The tiniest cherry tomatoes! It was like eating peas that tasted like sweet tomatoes. I saved seeds from last year from my favorite plant. Somehow they grew much smaller this year. 

Having some creative fun with leftover fence pieces. 

They made their own blue prints. 

Dad helped and they managed to make their "club house" stand up for a whole 2 minutes :)

We'll buy them some real wood in the spring and try again.

And I'm am so not a selfie person. A silly selfie is about all I can handle. We attempted family pics on this day, it was a fail - sort of, a very long story, took us all day and we may have 2 or 3 family photos. Maybe?

Hanging at the park while big brothers are at school.

I started growing my own sprouts for salads. 

We had some amazing lettuce this summer.

Birthday party fun.

These are from last year at the park. I love all the boys in red :)

Mason with our neighbor friends Elsa hat on.

The boys had so much fun riding in the Maserati from Nana's work. John and I had fun too :)

We were in the Western Parade. John enjoyed revving the engine for all the guys watching the parade. 

Neighbor BFF's

I found the thief that was stealing my roma tomatoes out of my garden. 

Adrian's been taking piano lessons for a couple months now. He's really enjoying it.

He had his first recital a couple weeks ago. We were so proud of him! He wasn't nervous at all and he did great.

Our handsome little man. 

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Everyday Snapshot said...

You've got the cutest kids ever. You really seem to be good at the garden thing, looks great. If the sprout growing is easy, as in, I can't screw it up no matter what, could you do a post on that. (We rent, so I can't have a garden, but the sprout thing could be done easy enough. I think.)