Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

We drove far out into the sticks, along a gravel road that turned into a dirt road and we came upon this cute little pumpkin patch farm. 

A little piano solo in the middle of a field.

Another Halloween, another corn maze. Once again we did not make it through to the end the "right" way.

We made our own path to escape. Those maps are confusing!

Mason, holding on for dear life.

We took a 10 minute hay ride to a giant pumpkin field and roamed the land until we found 

Preston found his pumpkin first.

All the pumpkins. 

Mason found a bunch of the tiniest little unripe green pumpkins and picked them while saying... 
"Aweee they're so cuuuuutte" 

Mason was having so much fun getting buried by random kids. He got a piece of corn stuck in his nose. Thank goodness we were able to get it out.

John's pumpkins.

Intense pumpkin painting.

Mason begged for a Jake costume. Isn't this just the cutest!? And then he ended up wearing the same old police outfit that they've been dressing up in for like 6 years. There's always next year.

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