Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adrian turns 9!!!

I still can't believe he's 9 already. Our first little baby is getting so big, so fast. Here is he turning 2, back in the day.

Traditions. He was fast asleep in bed.

He invited a couple friends and we took them to the indoor zip line place to celebrate.

Sweet friends.

So proud that Preston made it to the top!! I might have bribed him with some Pokemon cards?? I'm not above bribing.

Kellen overcoming fears.

*a tear :( baby boy*

Such a great little group of little peeps!! Love them all!

How many kids can you fit in a small hurricane booth? About 6  ;)

78 mph

New toys.

Trying out the new slack line. 

At the end of that fun filled, kid filled day... we treated ourselves to a VERY RARE date night. Never to be taken for granted! It's fun to get dressed up when you don't do all that often :)

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