Friday, October 2, 2015

Visitors: Pa

About an hour after Grandma Honey and Kaleb headed to the airport my dad rolled into town for a visit. Our goal was to keep the kids busy while John worked. My summer routine :) It was nice to have some visitors in town to help out.

First stop... Red Rocks. Never-gets-old! 

First time I've just let them go.... like go.. go free, without me freaking out that they'd go tumbling. Those steps are so wide and the kids just aren't that little anymore... Wah!

Flashback to almost exactly two years ago.

The angle, the red rock, the sun slightly shining through and of course those sweet faces. Love it all!  

Off to celebrate another year older. Wah! 

My dad treated us to my favorite for my birthday, Mexican.

We took 150 pics after dinner. 4 of them turned out :)

We spent an afternoon in Castle Rock. We climbed a couple steps, hiked, and played around.

Adrian was waiting at the top for all of us. The stairs where wide then got pretty narrow in the middle. I made Mason hold my hand most of the way up. 

At the top.

We took a trail back down. A tad easier on the knees.

They had a cool park there as well. 

Shwimming. We crammed a lot into the week! 

Shoot off competition.

Viv tried to teach Mason how to paint my nails.

I was waiting for someone to throw up. And glad that no one did.

Miss her!!!!

Pirates Cove fun!

Winding down in the backyard with some music from Gary's Music Show :) 

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