Sunday, October 11, 2015

Estes Park

The weekend before school started we thought it would be nice to have one last mini getaway, something for the kids to look forward to before it was back to the hustle and bustle of school and scheduled activities. We took the boys and headed to the mountains. No TV, 'minimal' ipad time (only for emergency movie entertainment needs - like waiting on food or to wind down before bed :) no games, limited internet access, the slow pace was just what we ALL needed!! We stayed in a dorm like room with 2 bunks and a queen bed and a tiny bathroom with a tiny shower. That was interesting. A bit tight for the 6 of us, but we managed. We brought some snacks, books and board games. I felt like this was sort of rouging it compared to life at home with all of our modern conveniences we've grown so accustom to.

My favorite hiking photo! The views were spectacular from Bible Point.

Walking the grounds. 

Connect four with four. 

Hike = rest

'Active' was the theme of the weekend.

Taking a break from ball to build a pick axe #minecraft

I felt like we really enjoyed our time together.... key word 'together' all 6 of us, going in the same directions, doing the same things. It was so nice.

I love actions shots!

Heading up to our first real hike with all the kids.

Beginning our hike. I thought I was going to have to carry Mason most of the way. But he pulled through and walked 90% of this rather intense hike for a 3.5 year old. We were proud of him.

Watching a short movie while waiting 30 minutes for our pizza after our exhausting hike. Hungry, tired, silly, dirty.

A lil picnic before learning about astronomy and the consolations.

This giant bubble was so cool! It was a planetarium that you crawled into that could fit probably15 people. There was an teacher in there that would explain and point out all the constellations. So neat! The kids really got into it. Mason and I joined in a little late, crawling through that dark tunnel was weird, I couldn't see a thing! I was feeling in front of me searching for John's voice. I can't tell you how many people I accidentally groped searching for my family! Oops.


At night we took blankets out after dark, laid around and star gazed for almost an hour. It's amazing what you can see up there if you stare long enough. The lack of artificial light in the mountains made it much easier to see stars and moving satellites. The kids played on the playground and watched all sorts of kiddos with glow sticks playing hide n seek. 

So many fun things for the kids to do. Activities that we could choose from at our leisure. John and Adrian took a survival course while we got crafty.

Serious concentration.

Their mosaics turned out so cool! 

We picked up the best BBQ in the mountains, had a picnic with it and went fishing.

We left empty handed. I was glad. I didn't want to think about how to keep an iced up fish for 2 days!

Being out in the wilderness makes me want to get a cabin home, have some real peace and some real land, get four wheelers, a cow, a goat, some chickens-- well, a mini farm. And to be able to let the kids yell and holler without feeling bad they might be too loud outside. Then we also take into consideration that we're living within walking distance (.7 mile, really...that's it) of our pediatrician, grocery store, piano lessons, school and a hand full of parks. I just want both :) Oy!


Amanda M. said...

We stayed there the last weekend in July. TINY TINY room with 4 kids (we had 2 tag-alongs with us!), but so worth it for the together time. I have some of the same pictures you do! It was our first visit to Estes Park we loved it.

Everyday Snapshot said...

Wow, this place looks great! I just added it to our Vacation Bucket List list. I don't think I'd want to leave though. Thanks for sharing.