Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vistors: Gma Honey and Kaleb

When I knew that my mom and I wanted to go to Ohio and take Mason for my grandma's 90th, I called my MIL for some support on the home front. If John wanted to be able to work, he'd need some help from his mom. The three older boys still needed fed, entertained and looked after while dad got down to business. Grandma Honey to the rescue. And she stayed long enough so I could hang out for a couple days before and after my trip. We were very grateful!!

All visitors must go to Daniel's Park :) It was a tad bright out. 

Kaleb joined her on the trip.

Their selfie.

Mason loves older kids! Cousin Kaleb was probably ready for a breather when I took Mason to Ohio. Mason didn't let Kaleb out of his sight too often. 

Mason cleaning. Can't start them too early. Learning to pull his weight around this household :)

Kaleb, surrounded by young ones... even at his own house, just a different gender. Hard to believe he's the size of a man now. Crazy... and I still see my own kids as toddlers sometimes (I mean besides Mason)

While Mason and I were away everyone kept busy. #margaritas

Double. How neat!

Staying busy! #icecream

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