Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vistors: Gma Honey and Kaleb

When I knew that my mom and I wanted to go to Ohio and take Mason for my grandma's 90th, I called my MIL for some support on the home front. If John wanted to be able to work, he'd need some help from his mom. The three older boys still needed fed, entertained and looked after while dad got down to business. Grandma Honey to the rescue. And she stayed long enough so I could hang out for a couple days before and after my trip. We were very grateful!!

All visitors must go to Daniel's Park :) It was a tad bright out. 

Kaleb joined her on the trip.

Their selfie.

Mason loves older kids! Cousin Kaleb was probably ready for a breather when I took Mason to Ohio. Mason didn't let Kaleb out of his sight too often. 

Mason cleaning. Can't start them too early. Learning to pull his weight around this household :)

Kaleb, surrounded by young ones... even at his own house, just a different gender. Hard to believe he's the size of a man now. Crazy... and I still see my own kids as toddlers sometimes (I mean besides Mason)

While Mason and I were away everyone kept busy. #margaritas

Double. How neat!

Staying busy! #icecream

Friday, September 11, 2015

O-H-I-O Happened

this summer....

Grandma Julia was turning 90... YES 9-0 on July 19th. My mom and I had been talking about going back to Ohio to surprise her for a long time. Then we got the invite, my aunt Mikki decided to coordinate a surprise birthday party for her. Fabulous! It ended up being an awesome family reunion that was so much fun!! Lot's and lot's of catching up was done.

Mason loved the airport and was an amazing flyer.

The best seat on the plane.

We picked up aunt Sandy that night who flew in from FL.


Amy and Jeff invited grandma over for dinner and Mason answered the door (she had no clue we were in Ohio!) She was SO shocked and excited and asked Mason who he belonged to LOL. We confused the heck out of her! Then we jumped out and it all made sense :) Those special moments are unforgettable.

Sprinkler fun. 

I don't think he missed his brothers all that much. Plenty of people to love on him and entertain him!

We visited with grandma Angie in the nursing home. 

Our part in "The Plan". We told grandma we were going to lunch (which ended up being McD's -  so fancy,  yes :) we ran out of time to go elsewhere and her surprise party was going to start soon. Mason and I had a tough job that had a time restriction on it.... get to her "surprise" party by 2:00. We almost failed the mission when she had to stop at her place. We got to the party, we were late, but we made it!!

And she was SO surprised! 

Aunt Sandy and Aunt Bonnie.

Something grandma does well.... Mingle.


He was livening up the picture. Ham!

Grandkids and 1 great grandchild.

Seriously, this color coordination was so random yet so perfect. We all looked great together!

Bonding over laughs.

Uncle Buzz

Serving up some cake and drinks. She does it well. 

Aunt Mikki did a great job planning a successful and fun party!


We actually don't have very many mother/daughter pictures. This is a good one!

The after party got a little weird?! :) So Jenny and Sandy went into grandmas bedroom with dress clothes on and came out looking all sexy and stuff. The big question was... What's grandma doing with all this pink, lacy, silky jammy wear?!?!? ;) Hmmm.

Holding our fresh new niece, Savanna. 

Cousins, yep they look like little Siladie's.

Kisses and bubble cheeks with Aunt Mikki. 

It was so awesome being able to go out a couple nights and catch up with Gene and Jenny. We had a blast!! 

Another night out. It was such a treat to get to go out a couple nights in a row. A rare thing!! A blast!

Note to self... I need to work on my "goofy" face!

A reunion of old friends that's been long awaited. Mason with my girlfriend Stacy's sweet boys.

Just cute!

Love these two!

Champagne and Strawberries-- yes please! :)

Our last breakfast "Eggs Alasandra" by aunt Sandy and a milk toast from Mason. 

4 Generations of pure awesome! ;) 

Chillin. They all look like they've been on vacation. Tan and relaxed. 

#hashtag was something that happened a lot one night. #hilarious #lotsoflaughing 
#masonlookslikeacassinodealer #missourohiofamily 

Lunch & hugs and then saying good bye sucks.

Homebound. Mason followed his new BFF and his girlfriend to the baggage claim. His bff was in college and just the nicest kid! He was so sweet to entertain and play with Mason the last 30 minutes of our flight.