Monday, August 3, 2015

Kellen turned 6

Playing catch up on the blog like usual :) I have so much to catch up here. Since I make our memory books out of my blog posts I try not to miss too much. I told John when we're old we can look at these books and reminisce and remember these moments because they are truly flying by! 

So our dear Kellen turned 6 last month. Our blonde hair, blued eyed, social butterfly who is 6 going on 16 had a birthday. He wanted to spend the morning at Chucky Cheese for "his" day. We grabbed our hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes and headed to the place where kids can be kids.

Great news... no one ended up sick after our visit! That's a successful Chucky visit! So what if I followed them around with wipes? Who cares if I looked like a crazy-pycho germaphobe? Many of those parents haven't had 4 young boys sick with the flu all at the same time before. Lesson's learned!

Kellen wanted me to put a Minecraft sword on his cake. This was as good as it got.

He said he loved it. 

Legos... because he doesn't have enough :)

This kid!! Can't believe he's 6! When he was born he had dark brown/black hair that ended up flowing into a fohawk, sort of how he sports it now. My goodness, he was the happiest little guy, always smiling and laughing. And still is. He's going to do something big someday with his high energy and charismatic personality.

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