Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Wow! 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Having our 3 oldest at school all day and then preschool coming up shortly for Mason. I just can't believe it! The boys were most definitely ready to get back to their routine-- learn, play and see old friends and meet new ones.

How cute are the neighborhood kiddos! We have such a great cul-de-sac of families! It's a tradition for all the kids to walk together on the first day. Here are 11 of about 15 of the younger kids in the hood that walked together on this morning. 

There were about 11 parents that joined too. We were a giant gang-a-walking :) 

He was born ready for this day. 

K with our neighbor buddy.

Preston not paying attention, sort of, kind of? I think he was embarrassed and slightly annoyed that I took a bunch of pics of him in his line. Momarazzi's where all over the place with their iphones snapping tons of first day of school pics :) 

A and his neighbor/bestie V. So cute!

2nd day of school. 
Adrian had already walked the back way around school heading to his line. We've got 3 kiddos lining up in the 3 different places of the building. Mason the helper, always carrying something. He insists! Kellen and Adrian want to ride their bikes to school so bad! I think we'll start working on it soon. 

Here's Kellen's kindie graduation pic from late last May with our favorite Kindergarten teacher! Now on to 1st grade already!! 

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