Sunday, August 9, 2015

Active Boys

Active boys-- well, I say that loosely. It depends on what it is they want are willing to do :)

At the end of the school year Kellen finished up his Spring Flag Football season. I think it went a little better this season. Not as much flower picking in the fields and more football action and paying attention as to why he was there :)

Mason wanted to be out there so bad. He finally settled for wearing the flags, holding a football and watching contently (well, sort of) I still had to chase him out there a bunch.

He's in love with dogs! Definitely was a side line distraction for Kellen.

Adrian participated in an after school Lacrosse camp.

He learned some fundamentals and had a lot of fun with it. 

Sibling love.

These 2 took a summer martial arts program. 

It was good exercise for them! Learning to listen and follow directions was a bonus.

Army crawling.

Jumping jacks.

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