Friday, July 10, 2015

Cali or Bust - Part III - USS Midway & Coronado

We took a day and traveled down to San Diego to visit the USS Midway and sight see in Coronado. 

The boys loved this.

A view from above into the engines.

So many buttons and controls they could play with and not get yelled at :)

They asked lots and lots of questions. This poor guys was exhausted. 

Pilot photo op.

Kellen taking a turn keeping Mason in check. We all do our part.

The views were just Aweeee! I really loved SoCal!!!

We plan to retire around here :)

Lunch at a boathouse. So fun!

Electronics not necessary. Just some crayons and paper. 

Love. Love them so!!

Jelly fish or a baggie?

Mason and his faces. 

This never, ever happens! All passed out in heavy CA traffic heading back to Carlsbad. It was a GOOD DAY! Vacationing was wearing them out. 

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Grace said...

Awesome! I sure miss Coronado. Coronado {and the Del} have been part of my life since I was a little girl and I met my husband at the Del as well. So many great memories! Looking through these pictures made me miss home so much more {but Seattle is pretty darn awesome too!}.