Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cali or Bust - Part II - We made it!

Carlsbad, CA.... We have arrived! 

We anticipated about 4-5 hours from Vegas to Carlsbad. But what we didn't anticipate was ALL the California peeps heading back home on a Sunday from Vegas. We sat on I-15 for about 2 extra hours in traffic. Lots of lessons learned on our first road trip to the West Coast! 

We drove through Carlsbad and were thrilled. It was so cute and reminded us so much of of the cute quaint town of Safety Harbor, FL where we once lived. 

We stayed at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort.

Our little condo was perfect!! The sofa pulled out into a bed and they offered roll away beds which we never needed since all the kids were comfy in the pull out together. 

The Cavs were playing, so we chilled and watched them lose :(

Not sure I packed enough applesauce? Love, love having a kitchen. We bought groceries and saved a ton of money not having to eat out for all 3 meals of the day. 

Cute fire pits all over the courtyard.

The hotel was enclosed with a huge yard for the kids to play (that was my main reason for picking this place).

Even the walk to our elevator was pretty. 

The weekly hotel activity schedule. A HUGE bonus! Kids activities and all sorts of fun stuff for everyone!

We wore the kids out right before dinner.

I photo bombed my own picture. Ha.

We walked to a great Mexican restaurant, we were starving! This was 1 of about 10 Mexican meals we had on our vacation. The Mexican food in California was amazing!

Peaceful babies dreaming of Legos, probably. 

7:00 am, everyone still asleep. Coffee, Mac and some peace and quiet before we hit up Lego Land. Heavenly.



After years of talking about it... We made it! 

Ready to roll on in and do this! 
Seeing just how excited and giddy the kids were on the 10 minute drive from our hotel to the "promise land" aka Legoland made us so grateful we planned this for them!


Everything, I mean EVERYTHING there is made of Legos! And glued to the max!! 

Lego rides

Adrian and I went on a ride that took us up high in the sky.


Mason and I had to wait while the big kids road some rides. 

Exploring where we shouldn't be, behind the fence. Ooops. What's a mom to do? Take pictures of course.

Star Wars was a favorite for them.

For dad too :)

Under bubble in the aquarium.

Touching starfish.

That fish was HUGE!

Little cities.

New York City never looked so small.

The actual Lego Movie set. 

The "kragle" station.

Hey ladies!! 
He wanted to send this pic to his BF Vanessa.

Fighting over the car. Ha! It's not all rainbows and unicorns. Siblings fight, often, and make up often and then repeat. That's life with multiple children.

Loved watching the kids drive. I have a feeling Adrian's going to be a great driver. He was SO overly cautious. Stopping at all the signs, waiting for others to go by. Most of the other kids driving were ALL over the place. Adrian was like WTH? He told me how crazy most of the other drivers where. He took his driving very seriously. It made me happy. Especially after watching Kellen drive. 


John watched Mason drive at the toddler area. 

Lego boys.

A Lego show.

Legoland wore this guy out! 

Legoland wasted.

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Grace said...

I can just imagine how excited your kids were once they walked in to Legoland. It's been years since I last visited, try 14. I would love to take Riley, he'll love it. And that Inn you stayed at looks awesome! and yeah, Southern CA traffic is a nightmare. Sorry for not giving you the heads up. my bad.