Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cali or Bust - Part I


Our first "real" vacation that was more than just a couple days and with all 4 kiddos.

About 5 months ago we started planning our trip to Lego Land. We thought this summer was perfect since all four boys are really into Lego's. They were beyond thrilled to start our Lego Land vacation countdown.

It felt like I prepared for over a week before we left. Buying snacks, packing entertainment items, making list after list of vacation essentials.  We figured that if we could make it 20 hours to Ohio last year then we could certainly make it 16 to SoCal.

The drive was A-mazing! I've never driven west of Breckenridge. There was so much scenery to look at. Breathtaking, really.

Postcard pics.

Utah was awesome to look at.

We stopped at the Black Dragon Canyon.

Stretched our limbs. Threw some stones off the cliff.

Some of the mountains, the shapes and colors looked like absolute artwork.

Next came Vegas! Viva Las Vegas. I mean who wouldn't want to take 4 young kids to Vegas... right?!? John really wanted to and I hesitated, but after pulling the trigger and making it happen for 24 hours, we'd gladly take them back again. Granted, it was much different than the last time we went, but equally fun! Circus Circus was the perfect spot to stay for the night. The indoor amusement park and carnival kept the boys happy and busy until 11pm.

Bellagio fountains.

Waiting in the long line to check in with all the other tourists. Within the first 10 minutes in Vegas we got asked at least 3x "are they allll yours" Not like we walked in with 8+ kids or something :) 

We headed to the pool within 30 minutes of our arrival. It was 98 degrees there and like an oven! John bought us sweet souvenir cups filled with delicious Pina colada :) We were about to get this party started. Vacation adult drink- check, Toddler leash- check, Floaty vest- check.... 
Ready... Go!

I used to sort of laugh at people that had these backpack leashes on their children. It was the second time we've used it and it was very helpful in keeping Mason near us. He's exactly 3 1/2 this month and he's still a runner and non listener at times!

This is what 4 boys in hotel on the loose looks like. A mad chaos blur of running.

We tried. Fun.

Better. Serious.

A fun dinner.


Oh yes he did!! Dance, dance.... just dance John.

John won Mason a Peppa Pig. The first thing he did is drop it off the balcony of the carnival area into the casino area. At least it didn't land on anyone.

Happy to have him back.

I dislike Spongebob because he has no manners and he's rude. However, the kids think he's a hoot.

I really hope none of our boys EVER get motorcycles. Real ones scare me!

Mason was on cloud 9.

Preston was bummed he wasn't quite tall enough for the coaster.

Adrian's first real big, cork screw, upside down roller coaster. And he wanted to do it 5 more times.

Ta-da. The amusement park at this hotel was pretty great!

Obligatory Vegas vacation photo.

Double the run.

It was SO hot in Vegas we swam again at 8:45 the next morning. 

The hotel and one of the pools.

This looks like a typical group of guys waiting to leave after a crazy Las Vegas binge weekend.  They all asked to go back again soon!

First time there. Pretty good stuff. Not sure it was worth the 30 minute wait.

And then on to Cali!!

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Grace said...

We've driven through Vegas but never stopped. Circus Circus looks like a lot of fun.