Friday, May 22, 2015

Crazy Hair

Their hair is cray, cray! And they loved it.

It was crazy hair day at school and well... most of the boys were pretty darn excited about it!

The day after was opposite day and I forgot to take a pic. They all participated and wore backwards pants, shirts and miss matched socks and shoes. Schools so much more fun when you can be different, sometimes.

I'll claim all four!! ;)

It was funny for Mason to wear his green hair out to the grocery store and on errands that morning. He met so many sweet people who just loved his green look.

Preston-- being the independent thinker that he is, expressed his desire NOT to look silly for crazy hair day. Instead he showed off his gap in this pic. We're still hopeful a replacement tooth is right around the corner!! We hope! We've already started a saving account for his future braces. Oy.

There was also crazy socks day. Or maybe this was St. Patties Day??!

They said they were making a giant worm. 

The sun was intense this day (which is a Colorado norm). Not sure where it is lately?? It's like Seattle up in here! Rain, rain and more rain. Just a few glimpses of the sun in 2+ weeks. It's pretty bizarre weather right now. In almost 4 years, I've never seen it rain more than 3 days in a row. 

Sooo, Preston and Kellen have a very nice bunk bed. BUT they still sleep in the same bed for some comfort reason, I guess. Mason (our night owl) tried climbing in bed with them one night after they'd been passed out for well over an hour. He didn't think I'd notice. He's all squinty, trying to pretend he's sleeping. Such a cutie! I drug him out a minute later and we snuggled. 

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