Friday, March 13, 2015

A Rainbow Birthday

Nana turned another year older last month. I think she hit 45 this year... again ;) John's been waiting to make this rainbow cake that he found on youtube. Nana's birthday was "the day" to do it. The boys had so much fun helping him mix and color and blend. It turned out a little more like an rainbow Easter cake.

We had to take it down from 6 colors to just 4 since this cake would have been about a foot tall with ALL the layers. 

Master bakers.

sugar, sugar

colored sugar

Mason was so good and didn't eat ANY of the frosting ;)

John... careful and precise. He's a much better baker than I am! I use all my patience with the kids. There's none left for baking. 

Cheese-in-it Nana and the boys. Happy Birthday LuLu!

Mason just couldn't help himself. Lit candles resemble a piece of cheese hanging in front of a mouse.

This was all we could eat of this cake.... ever. It was sugar, upon sugar, with healthy food coloring in every sugary bite..... and then layered in more sugar. Way too sweet for most of us. But a small sliver was enjoyed by all. Then the boys probably bounced off the walls for the remainder of the night. 

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Kelly-Marie said...

We are coming to your house for Easter next year, look how much fun you guys had!!