Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowboarding 102

Last year was snowboarding 101 :) It was fun but it was one of the coldest days last year. It was snowing and blowing and in the negative degrees but we managed to stay all day and have some fun and learn some snowboarding stuff. 

Our goal this year was to try and make it up a couple times so John could school me some more and Adrian could take a couple lessons. 

Last month John and I were able to take Adrian to the mountains for a couple nights during the week while my mom watched the other boys. Such a treat for us and never ever taken for granted! Spending some one on one time with Adrian was special. We like to do that as much as we can with the boys, even if it's just a special lunch date or dinner with one of us. I think the kids enjoy it and I think it's important to have that quality time!

 Copper. It's such an adorable ski town! 

The weather was perfect, sunny and 30 all day.

Waiting for our bus.

Adrian, meeting his awesome instructor.

I have to be honest, the lifts scare me. I used to be fearless of heights and just about anything... I blame it on age and the fact that having children and hurting myself freaks me out!

The amazing condos on the way up the mountain. Totally envious! 

He hates that I take candids-- often :)

A bruised tail bone and bummed up elbow and I was still in good spirits.

Breathtaking. Peaceful.


 Going mid week was awesome! We had the mountain to ourselves (plus about 15 others) for the better part of the morning. It was great for me since I could run into someone at just about any moment. No control I tell ya. Still learning lots.

This is what happens at 4 o'clock when Adrian's been in class all day and we try to squeeze in one last run-- per his request. I felt the same way-- defeated, tired, hungry, ready to set my sore bum in a hot tub and then eat 2k calories of something, anything! Learning to snowboard is so exhausting. 


Copper at night.

The largest plate of burritos... ever.

Learning to play some pool. 

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