Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scooter Races and Bicycles

I'm behind on lots of things, this blog is no exception! :-/

 I'm going to get out some back posts that have been sitting in quo just patiently waiting for me to add pictures to them. 

Here's some Fall and Winter biking/scooting fun. Yah, I know... short sleeve weather. We're lucky. It's been the typical bipolar Colorado winter. Snow one day and 70 the next. It does make for a beautiful winter. And the best part is breaking up the cold with some warm days that the kids can get out and run off some energy. 

Preston's loves his balance bike but we're trying hard to get the peddle bike down.

Waving at the paparazzi.

And Mason's working on getting the balance bike down. 

"Whistle it... just a little bit"

Whistles disappear in our house. But someone hid this in the van.

My poser.

Racing with dad. He's so great!! And a good sport. He tried to jump and wrecked after this. 

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