Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cousin Gene and Airplane Rides

Cousin Gene came to Dever a couple weeks ago. It was so nice seeing and visiting with him! The kids loved playing and he let them beat him up pretty good. He's a good sport!

Chosen weapons. Those light sabers made out of pool noodles are just the best!

It's a Geno-nino sandwich.

Cuz - Bro

I took him up to Daniel's Park to check out the view. We had a function after school and I was hurrying to get him up there before the sun went down. We were soooo close.

He got to see all four seasons that CO has to offer in January. The day I picked him up there was a mini blizzard and it took me 2 hours plus to get to the airport (usually 45 tops). It was crazy-scary.  Then 3 days later it was 70 and sunny. Gotta love Colorado winters.

Viv and Nana. 
For the record I did not cut Vivian's hair. But, I'll make sure I do from now on. I saw her new hairdo and had back flashes of when grandma Julia use to make us hold 3 sheets of toilet paper beneath our forehead so she could cut our bangs. I think I had short-crooked bangs from about the age of 5 to maybe 10 :) But in grandmas defense, it was better than bangs hanging in our eyes, right?! :) Muwah grandma!!

I get so busy sometimes I end up on auto pilot, cooking, cleaning up after everyone and trying to get things "done" (whatever that means?!) I forget to have fun and just relax and goof off. I'm going to try to remember to let loose more! I loved this when I was a child. Not to mention now days it's a killer leg work out.

Um, Adrian was a bit too big to airplane with me, unfortunately. We tried it though :)

My dad use to flip me up and over his head and I'd land on my feet. It was a blast. I kept it low for Viv. Nothing crazy and I was too scared of breaking her.

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