Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bowling With the Boys

Bowling, Boys and Bonding.

I took the boys bowling on one of their days off. Which lately seems like every other Friday and third Monday that they don't have school. But I really enjoy when they get some random days off to make an extended weekend. It's like free days we have and we don't have to involve anything from our normal weekend routine.

The boys had a ball and dad even took a quick break from work to come bowl a game with us.

Mason was hilarious. His first time and he came in 2nd. His amazing throwing technique. Then he'd try to crawl on the ball assistant thing as if it was a ladder.

Siladie Bros


He was in "awe" every-time it was his turn.

Elevating for JOY!

And he'd do the Happy Dance every-single-time :)

Kellen the big helper.

They were all great sports about it and cheered one another on. So sweet to see!

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