Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cousin Gene and Airplane Rides

Cousin Gene came to Dever a couple weeks ago. It was so nice seeing and visiting with him! The kids loved playing and he let them beat him up pretty good. He's a good sport!

Chosen weapons. Those light sabers made out of pool noodles are just the best!

It's a Geno-nino sandwich.

Cuz - Bro

I took him up to Daniel's Park to check out the view. We had a function after school and I was hurrying to get him up there before the sun went down. We were soooo close.

He got to see all four seasons that CO has to offer in January. The day I picked him up there was a mini blizzard and it took me 2 hours plus to get to the airport (usually 45 tops). It was crazy-scary.  Then 3 days later it was 70 and sunny. Gotta love Colorado winters.

Viv and Nana. 
For the record I did not cut Vivian's hair. But, I'll make sure I do from now on. I saw her new hairdo and had back flashes of when grandma Julia use to make us hold 3 sheets of toilet paper beneath our forehead so she could cut our bangs. I think I had short-crooked bangs from about the age of 5 to maybe 10 :) But in grandmas defense, it was better than bangs hanging in our eyes, right?! :) Muwah grandma!!

I get so busy sometimes I end up on auto pilot, cooking, cleaning up after everyone and trying to get things "done" (whatever that means?!) I forget to have fun and just relax and goof off. I'm going to try to remember to let loose more! I loved this when I was a child. Not to mention now days it's a killer leg work out.

Um, Adrian was a bit too big to airplane with me, unfortunately. We tried it though :)

My dad use to flip me up and over his head and I'd land on my feet. It was a blast. I kept it low for Viv. Nothing crazy and I was too scared of breaking her.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bowling With the Boys

Bowling, Boys and Bonding.

I took the boys bowling on one of their days off. Which lately seems like every other Friday and third Monday that they don't have school. But I really enjoy when they get some random days off to make an extended weekend. It's like free days we have and we don't have to involve anything from our normal weekend routine.

The boys had a ball and dad even took a quick break from work to come bowl a game with us.

Mason was hilarious. His first time and he came in 2nd. His amazing throwing technique. Then he'd try to crawl on the ball assistant thing as if it was a ladder.

Siladie Bros


He was in "awe" every-time it was his turn.

Elevating for JOY!

And he'd do the Happy Dance every-single-time :)

Kellen the big helper.

They were all great sports about it and cheered one another on. So sweet to see!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Snowboarding 102

Last year was snowboarding 101 :) It was fun but it was one of the coldest days last year. It was snowing and blowing and in the negative degrees but we managed to stay all day and have some fun and learn some snowboarding stuff. 

Our goal this year was to try and make it up a couple times so John could school me some more and Adrian could take a couple lessons. 

Last month John and I were able to take Adrian to the mountains for a couple nights during the week while my mom watched the other boys. Such a treat for us and never ever taken for granted! Spending some one on one time with Adrian was special. We like to do that as much as we can with the boys, even if it's just a special lunch date or dinner with one of us. I think the kids enjoy it and I think it's important to have that quality time!

 Copper. It's such an adorable ski town! 

The weather was perfect, sunny and 30 all day.

Waiting for our bus.

Adrian, meeting his awesome instructor.

I have to be honest, the lifts scare me. I used to be fearless of heights and just about anything... I blame it on age and the fact that having children and hurting myself freaks me out!

The amazing condos on the way up the mountain. Totally envious! 

He hates that I take candids-- often :)

A bruised tail bone and bummed up elbow and I was still in good spirits.

Breathtaking. Peaceful.


 Going mid week was awesome! We had the mountain to ourselves (plus about 15 others) for the better part of the morning. It was great for me since I could run into someone at just about any moment. No control I tell ya. Still learning lots.

This is what happens at 4 o'clock when Adrian's been in class all day and we try to squeeze in one last run-- per his request. I felt the same way-- defeated, tired, hungry, ready to set my sore bum in a hot tub and then eat 2k calories of something, anything! Learning to snowboard is so exhausting. 


Copper at night.

The largest plate of burritos... ever.

Learning to play some pool. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Fire Station

Our friends dad is a firefighter and the boys were beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to get a tour of the fire station. He's not only a brave firefighter but a totally brave soul allowing 8 young boys to visit :)

Boy buddies!

A call came when we were there. The kids watched in amazement of how fast these firefighters were out of there. 

Hanging around.

We'll need to work on upper body strength before this can happen :)

Mr. Luke preformed an experiment that had the kids in total AWE.....

Mason getting his work out on.

And then we hit up a giant McD's with a giant play zone for the kids to take over. It was a fun night!