Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014 - Fa la la la la

I failed at Christmas cards this year. But to be honest, it was kind of nice. One less thing off of my plate. I will however, attempt to get them out every other year. Seems like a happy balance to me. 

Our annual tripod family photo. Thank goodness for our 3 legged friend. It's saved us quite a bit of loot! I do have the goal of getting some overpriced professional pics done like we did years ago, maybe every couple years or so.

Family pics then a trip to see Santa.

Anti smile Mason.

A Santa sandwich. His face = priceless

We've gone to the same place for Santa pics for 3 years now. I'd like to keep it up for another 10 and have an awesome set of progression pics. Santa's lap might be too small to have half grown boys sitting on it in say... 2024?!? Too bad I didn't think of this until this year. I could have placed the kids in the same position as year one. Oh well. Better late then never.

Our Santa trip was followed by an adult White Elephant party with the cutest most delicious martini's.

Dad rolled to CO in his motorhome to spend the holidays with us.

Christmas Eve concert by Pa.

Their faces tell it all. ORNERY!

Uncle Deggs and the boys.

Mason wanted to open every tiny present, slowly and meticulously. 

Uncle Deggs clutch gift. The portable ping pong table.

Santa came and I caught him on camera. Our kids are believers. 

Coffee and present selection.

Mason was thrilled with all things Jake and Pirates.

More coffee and presents.

Legos are us.

Santa's elves were busy building lots of Lego presents this year.

We danced all over this piano.

Kellen's gift to me :) It will be my new favorite wine glass. 

John and I took turns taking the boys to the dollar store (tight budget since they used their own allowance to purchase each other gifts) It was SO cute to see what they picked out for everyone!!

When I was in school we had a Santa's secret workshop. I loved it! Every year we would get 30 minutes to shop and purchase gifts for our family. I wished the boys school did that. I should inquire!

Building with new toys.

Quiet time with a movie inside his Jake tent. 

Lego building. It's on-- all day(s)!

Three boys that can now build Lego's without our help. It's quite nice.

Pa did Science experiments with the boys. 

Pa may have been more shocked than the rest at the outcome :)

Magic shows happened.

Figuring out how to work our new magic.

We took Pa to a favorite pizza place about an hour into the mountains (Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs) We got bored in the back seat. It only took us 2 hours to get there. Weekend mountain traffic was not taken into consideration.

We put the table extender in and more ping pong happened.

Spent half a day coloring another present.

This was Nana's favorite holiday activity :)

Mason fell asleep all over the house. He's trying to out grow naps but the holiday's whooped his butt.

It was such a lovely Christmas! I'm definitely NOT looking forward to getting back to the regular hustle and bustle of "real" life. 

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Aunt Mikki & Uncle Tom said...

We have been waiting for these pics...precious! What a great Christmas at your house. Love you all....