Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mason had a Birthday - The B-I-G 3

It's so hard to believe that our last little baby turned 3 on New Year's Day. We've been changing diapers for over 8 years straight- no breaks. Wow! And now that's all coming to an end... it's bittersweet. Well, no more diapers as soon as I get him all potty trained that is--  It's a process! We're working on it... someday's more than others. And somedays we're just too busy with functions to be consistent with it. Have I mentioned I loath potty training!?!? Yes, even after 4 kiddos, I still stink at it!

Anyway, Mason is 3 now and this all happened on New Year's Day! Our lucky New Year's baby :) 
Time hop back to just 3 years ago.

Mason singing his favorite song. And my favorite video of him!

We got Mason a pop up tent/house. I can't wait for the boys to use it in the backyard this summer when I'm gardening. It'll be perfect for some shade. 

And the boys put on a puppet show that Mason was not amused by. 

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Grace said...

Wow! Your baby turned 3. That pop up tent looks like a lot of fun. Great idea to get some shade and still keep them entertained.