Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mason had a Birthday - The B-I-G 3

It's so hard to believe that our last little baby turned 3 on New Year's Day. We've been changing diapers for over 8 years straight- no breaks. Wow! And now that's all coming to an end... it's bittersweet. Well, no more diapers as soon as I get him all potty trained that is--  It's a process! We're working on it... someday's more than others. And somedays we're just too busy with functions to be consistent with it. Have I mentioned I loath potty training!?!? Yes, even after 4 kiddos, I still stink at it!

Anyway, Mason is 3 now and this all happened on New Year's Day! Our lucky New Year's baby :) 
Time hop back to just 3 years ago.

Mason singing his favorite song. And my favorite video of him!

We got Mason a pop up tent/house. I can't wait for the boys to use it in the backyard this summer when I'm gardening. It'll be perfect for some shade. 

And the boys put on a puppet show that Mason was not amused by. 

Monday, January 12, 2015


Life lately.

Here's some random happenings from the last couple months because frankly I just don't get to keep up with our blog as much as I'd like to, so here's a BIG hodge podge post.

Some of my thoughts on "time".... so recently I've been reflecting a lot on it. I'm not liking it very much at all. Sometimes I feel like I blink and a week or a month has passed. I feel like I'm trying to fight this thing called time. I think our lives change and evolve as we grow, as our children grow, as our lives are changing. Sometimes, I don't like the changes of where our time goes and how fast it seems to be moving. Sometimes, I just want to stop the hustle and sit and enjoy more. But then most of the time I run out of time to think and dwell on it :) Ironic, yes.

We've been hitting up the library a lot. When the kids get bored with the books we learn on the computers.

Preston drew this cute picture of Spence - the ExpenseBot logo. An omen of good things to come from Spence.

This is what John and I do in our spare time. Practice our DWTS routine. 

Mason's sweet sleeping face.

Our friend had some cute, itty, bitty puppies we got to visit with. No we aren't getting one. 

This has been happening randomly, independent reading. I'm a happy mom about it!

Adrian's on the reading train too. It's documented now, so just in case it stops and I have to yell at them to read, I can look back and smile at these moment for just a minute.

P finding a quiet space, it can be hard in our house sometimes.

Always wrestling with dad and roughing him up a bit.

Feeding the crew on a long Saturday.

Composting the garden. I'm trying to teach the boys how to work and pitch in. Adrian's the oldest, poor kid get's stuck doing the most right now. He's usually willing and happy to help... for now :)

Dad teaches way cooler things on the Ipad than mom does.

Fondue for 2. Just like the Melting Pot. Ha, minus the relaxing ambiance, the server, the peacefulness and the uninterrupted meal time. But..... it was still very enjoyable and not taken for granted!

Chocolate fondue dessert for 6.

Made some awesome homemade cinnamon bread.

Being a sweet older bro.

Boys. Of course they would.

Heading to AWANA on a Wednesday night.

Mason's officially banned from play-doh for a while.

Kellen helped me make a cake for John's birthday. 

Since I'm not a great baker, it's usually hit or miss with the end result of most things that I touch in the kitchen. I have to say, this cake turned out great! 

John turned another year younger in December.

Having lunch with new neighbor friends.

Boxes are more fun than gifts sometimes. Note to Santa for next year.

Aunt Amy stopped to visit on her way out of Cali heading back east. A fast visit but nice as always!

Mason making a Gingerbread man with is buddy.

Comic books in the making.

Little yogi?

Kellen had a blast at his friends cookie decorating/ornament exchange party.

Mason's a great pizzelle cookie maker and dough eater.

Maybe Adrian will be a teacher someday? He enjoyed teaching Viv how to write her name.

Christmas shopping.

Our friends brought their adorable baby over. He blends right in with the boys. Sort of looks like their 5th bro.

He eats whole tomatoes. And won't stop climbing the counters.... still. Oy!

Mini John's.

They were so disappointed we haven't had good snowman building snow this year.

Mason was the most upset. 

Celebrate... because 2015 is going to be great! 

We partied like rock stars until about 10! Booyah!

Adrian's now taken on the job of being my grocery buddy every Sunday morning. I love having him help me. It's nice to have the one on one time. And he's learning a lot about how to pick produce, couponing, and smart deals. 

Wii Fit. Practicing Yoga. Adrian's request. We need some zen!

I wish that every morning before school the boys could be this good! Drawing, coloring, making comic books and eating breakfast. Not realistic for everyday but a mom can dream!

My nappers.

Just like 1/1/2012 :)

Still... one of the best pictures I've taken!

Adrian loves to play hangman. Mason's favorite letter is O. He makes us both guess it on every turn. Funny guy!

Rec center fun.

It's a hot tub party with dad.

Mason was trying to sleep and we were desperately trying to keep him up until closer to bedtime. John even hand fed him his dessert. #Sleepeating

Yum! He looks thrilled. 

He ended up going to bed at 6:45 and slept until 7:30 the next morning. That NEVER happens. I'm lucky if I can get him asleep by 9 and he's usually up by 6-6:30. He's a combo... a night owl like dad and a morning person like mom. What the??? Not sure how? I wish I could have the best of both worlds and that extra "time"!!