Sunday, November 23, 2014


Adrian asked us last year if we'd take him to New York City for his 8th birthday. He's been asking us since he was 6. He's had this fascination with New York City for many years. We told him Lego Land would be our next vacation, but that he'd definitely get to go someday. It just so happened that John and his partner had to go to NYC for a business trip. It was just a week after Adrian's 8th birthday. So the timing was superb. We took the opportunity to tag along with dad and head to the big apple. 

It was not only Adrian's first time, but mine as well. We were both in total awe as soon as our plane went over the giant city. It's such a different world. It's so interesting and it's got such an amazing energy about it. It was almost surreal being there. I could have easily sat on a bench and people watched for dayyyyz.

Central Park

I was in love with all of the artwork in the city.

FAO Schwarz - Lego City NYC style.

I remember the movie BIG like it was yesterday. My, my how time flies!!!!! 

Chops Sticks-- not so much.

Anna and Adrian

Central Park

Rockefeller Plaza

The Apple Store. You enter into the clear cube and the store is underground.

St. Patricks Cathedral was stunning. They were doing lot's of restoring work.

Beautiful, HUGE buildings everywhere.

The Empire State building. 

We didn't have time to go up. There was a long wait and we had so much to squeeze in before our plane left that night.

Fine dining for this 8 year old. It'll probably be by far the nicest place he eats for a longggg time :) He's feasting on gourmet 3 cheese macaroni. 

My handsome men!

Adrian totally got bombarded by all the characters. It started out as one and they all showed up within seconds. They wanted to make some money.

I was very fortunate to have time to head to Queens and visit my old college roomy Kathy and her husband Trevor and new, fresh NEW baby Wyatt. I got my newborn fix. Such a sweet little family!!

Taxi selfies :) and watching some TV on they way to the airport.

Squeezing in some homework on the way to our home-- sweet home.

Good Bye NYC... until next time. 
I'm fairly certain Adrian will move there someday. 

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Amy said...

That's a pretty awesome birthday!