Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fun Run

The kids had their annual Fall "Run for Funds" fundraiser for school.  Tons of kids running around in laps, yelling and hollering... and cow bells ringing. It was so exciting for them. I was lucky enough to have all 3 of the boys classes go one right after another. 

Go P go!!!

Rooting for his bros.

Kellen was so proud to show his buddies his little brother. It was pretty sweet!

Mason ran almost every lap with Kellen's class and then with Preston's class. This child doesn't stop for much!

Kellen just laughs, smiles and giggles about everything... even when he's running. 


The minute I say I'm taking a picture and "say cheese" Adrian immediately poses and smiles... I have no idea a small idea where he get's that from ;)

Adrian's class was last and I was a volunteer lap counter so I didn't get any actions shots of him but I sure got lot's of posing ones before hand. 

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